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Bird Control Manchester - Bird Proofing Manchester - Bird Control East Lancashire - Pigeon Proofing

Here's a recent Bird Control Solution we carried out on behalf of our clients site in East Lancashire. This commercial premises was suffering from a vast amount of Pigeons perching above the front of their retail shop. This was causing a huge nuisance, not only for the client but also the public and customers. Bird guano was evidently present on the shop signage and also the front flooring which was posing a huge health and safety risk due to slips, trips and falls and also looked very unsightly. Atlas Environmental Services Ltd conducted a full clean down operation to remove all of the contaminated guano which also involved the full shop signage also being fully cleaned down and treated with a biocidal spray treatment. Our next step was to install our bird spiking system which will prevent Pigeons from landing, nesting and perching on our clients site. This treatment procedure was completed all within 4 hours of ourselves arriving on site. Since our Bird Control solution this site have faced no further invasion from Pigeons with this treatment being 100% successful. For all enquiries regarding Bird Control and Pest Management for Commercial establishments please feel free to get in contact. 📞- 01282 777549 📱- 07784 022999 💻- 🌐-

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