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Commercial Pest Management Service - Residential Pest Management Service Burnley, Lancashire.

Conducting our Quarterly Services of our clients EFK (Electronic Fly Killing) units plays a major role within our Pest Management System and Services. 🌏🏢

Time and time again we witness other companies replacing the units glueboard function and catchment trays without studying and analysing the contents. ⛔

Here at Atlas Environmental Services Ltd we are very different in many aspects of our servicing. We study these glueboards and carry out the correct identification of the catchment device of the flying insects and the root cause of such infestation. ✔️

We can then carry out the next course of treatment procedures or recommendations - failing to take this action will inevitably results in unwanted infestations of flying insects. ✔️

Here is a list of further treatments and recommendations we will follow and put into place and action.

ULV Fogging Treatments ⚠️

Residual Insecticidal Treatments ⚠️

Installation of Fly Screen Windows ⚠️

Installation of Fly Screen Doors ⚠️

Installation of additional EFK units ⚠️

Strip Curtains ⚠️

Proofing ⚠️

Drainage Surveys ⚠️

" Lancashire's Commercial Pest Management, Control and Prevention Specialists "

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