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Wasp Nest Hapton, Burnley - Wasp Nest Removal Hapton, Burnley - Wasp Nest Treatment Hapton, Burnley

Wasp Nest Treatment and Wasp Nest Removal was carried out at a lovely property located in Hapton, Lancashire this afternoon.

The concerned homeowners contacted ourselves through Facebook after recieving recommendations to use our services for this treatment procedure, of which were always very grateful for.

The nest was today treated with an insectcidal aerosol treatment for a rapid knockdown followed by a dust insecticidal treatment in which all entry points were also dusted.

The nest was then safely removed and shown to the homeowners with various stages of a wasps life cycle shown from egg ➡️ larvea ➡️ pupae ➡️ adult which is a complete metamorphosis.

This nest in peak summer season would have averaged on around 6000 working wasps!

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