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Experts In Bird Control and Bird Proofing Solutions

Atlas Environmental Services Ltd are East Lancashire's specialists in all aspects of humane Bird Control, Bird Proofing Solutions, Bird and Pest Management for commercial premises across the North West. Our technicians are highly skilled professionals in which we are IPAF Licenced for use of cherry pickers and scissors lifts for use in all aspects of bird control and pest management.

If you are suffering from a current bird problem then you have certainly found the right company to provide you with the most beneficial solutions on the market. We  have over 25 years of experience in working with commercial businesses, local authorities and housing associations in solving bird control problems throughout the North West.

In our experience most of the bird problems we deal with are associated with the following birds: Pigeons and Seagulls, both of which have a large presence in the urban areas of the UK. Our team of specialist bird deterrent and control specialists have expert knowledge in dealing with these pest problems and have a wide range of solutions, methods and preventative installations available.

Atlas Environmental Services Ltd offer free surveys on corporate sites, our highly detailed thorough inspections are conducted with digital photographic evidence of our findings to determine the best method of control, prevention and management. We then complete a full-scale survey report that outlines the most suitable bird deterrent installation options available to you and your business.


The most effective and permanent way to prevent annoyance birds from causing a problem on a building or within an area is to exclude them completely using a bird proofing treatment procedure. Atlas Environmental Services Ltd provides a complete range of anti-bird installation measures specifically tailored to our clients requirements taking into account the sites location and environmental surroundings.

Our bird proofing techniques are recommended, designed and installed by our own bird control technicians. We are committed to providing an efficient and effective solution that is aesthetically pleasing on the eye whilst giving your premises maximum protection against annoyance birds.

Atlas Environmental Services Ltd provide a 5 year warranty on all bird netting systems through non malicious damage that may be caused. Any repairs will be carried out free of charge and fully repaired or replaced by ourselves.


Bird Netting Systems

  • Bird netting is a highly effective deterrent for avian pests, providing a long term bird control solution that aims at protecting rooftops, canopies,  entire building elevations, beams, eaves, bridges and other enclosed locations that are attractive roosting spots for pest species birds.

  • One key benefit of bird netting systems is that they do not affect the overall image of the building - So long as they are installed correctly. Installation of Bird Netting systems are exceptionally discreet and virtually invisible from a distance of a few meters. All bird netting installations are carried out using stainless steel fixings and securing measures to prevent corrosion against weathering and environmental defects.

  • Nylon bird proofing netting is a versatile bird proofing option and is often used to protect vertical, sloping and horizontal areas from bird problems by stopping birds from getting where they shouldn't be. Most bird netting is used to protect the fascia's of buildings, but is also very effective in part-covered buildings or structures where birds are a problem. This can include under stadium roofs or warehouse canopies, on in loading bays and high-ceiling units which open to the weather

  • Anti-bird netting for buildings simply stops birds getting to roosting or nesting positions, so netting can provide a useful solution as large areas can be covered easily. Fitting should be completed by qualified professionals who are experienced in installing netting solutions. All too frequently this involves working at height in difficult-to-access areas where additional machinery, such as a cherry picker, may be required. Netting installation is, by far, the best DEFRA-approved bird deterrent for agriculture and aquaculture

  • There could be a number of reasons why bird netting may be the best solution for bird control. If birds need to be stopped from entering a large cavity area, like the upper roof spaces of large buildings where birds roost and nest, netting will be the best and most cost effective solution

  • It’s useful where you need to stop birds entering altogether, not just stop them landing. Another key use in town and city situations is where you need to protect the fascia of an area yet still maintain the aesthetic look. It’s not as discreet as post and wire proofing for instance, but it does blend in remarkably well once fitted, and will stop bird from getting to the area completely

  • We also commonly fit netting solutions on the roofs of buildings, particularly when they are causing problems around air conditioning units and the like. In this situation we sometimes suspend the nets over the area on poles that act as a suspension system

  • This can be highly effective when there is no other viable solution, and is a particularly useful bird proofing solution for the tops of hotels, shops and blocks of flats. In agricultural and aquaculture situations where there is a need to stop birds getting onto crops or at stocks altogether, netting is just about the only viable long term solution, although most of our customers working in these arenas combine netting with audible scaring devices

  • Another of the advantages of bird netting is that it can be used to proof against any type of bird, large or small. It’s an effective and eco-friendly bird proofing solution not just for seagulls and pigeons, but also for birds like starlings, blackbirds and sparrows, all which carry disease and can be a real pest, but which are protected while nesting. The type of birds you have problems with will govern what size of net we install.

Anti-Bird Spikes

  • Installation of bird spikes is an effective bird control measure to help deter pest birds such as pigeons and gulls from landing and nesting on horizontal surfaces of buildings, pipe work, ledges and guttering.

  • These rows of vertical spikes can prove to be a very cost effective way to help protect a commercial business.

  • Not only do they help to deter nuisance birds from landing or nesting, the subsequent knock on affect means that a business will not have to worry about the damages, bird droppings can cause to the brick and stone work of the building.

  • The use of anti bird spikes is the most popular and cost effective method of stopping birds landing and roosting somewhere where they are not wanted, such as on ledges, gutters, chimneys, TV aerials, signage, statues, balconies, walls and lamp-posts. The rigid bird spikes we use on most jobs are manufactured from either stainless steel or a clear and tough plastic, so that they are unobtrusive and long lasting.

  • They stand around eight inches off a tough base which is fixed to the area that needs proofing with a tough, bespoke bird spike adhesive. Put simply, once fitted with anti bird spikes, the birds can no longer land there, and they move on. Bird spiking has been described as the most effective stand-alone bird deterrent and is endorsed by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds for use against pigeons.

  • Pigeon spikes and seagull spikes are not the same thing, so please call us to discuss the birds you are having problems with and we will advise accordingly.

  • Most bird spikes are either made from durable plastic or stainless steel. There are many types, with different densities of bird spike per strip influencing the price. As well as the standard bird protection spikes we use on most jobs, we also supply and fit bespoke bird spiking where aesthetics is an all-important consideration.


Anti-Bird Wire Systems

  • Bird wires provide protection to business using a high tension wire system that is installed on buildings to stop and control birds from landing and nesting.

  • They're discrete and virtually invisible and can be installed virtually anywhere on your building by creating an uneven landing surface where nuisance birds usually come to perch.

  • Bird wiring systems can be installed on almost any flat surfaces but in cases where drilling is not possible, a plastic base can be used instead to provide structural rigidity.

  • An almost invisible tensioned bird wire system to prevent birds perching without damaging the aesthetics or construction of the building.

  • Bird Wire is one of the most discrete and widely used anti-perching systems available in the UK. It is effective to prevent both feral pigeons and seagulls from perching on the ledges and parapets of buildings.

  • Bird Wire System consists of a fine, nylon-coated, spring-tensioned stainless-steel wire supported by stainless steel posts, which are fixed into stonework using nylon anchor rivets.

  • The posts are available in various sizes and stainless-steel split pins can be used to fix the wire into window reveals. The posts, springs, wires and split pins are made of corrosion resistant 316-grade stainless steel.

  • Bird Wire is a very versatile Bird Control System and a variety of special components and brackets are available to enable it to be fitted to almost any surface, such as roof ridges and metal cladding, making it a Bird Deterrent System suitable for many applications.

AVISHOCK™ - Bird Deterrent

  • Avishock is an electric bird deterrent which is specially useful in protecting awkward shaped signs, edges, ledges, roof ridges and pipework. If a bird lands on the track it receives a mild electric pulse which still remains humane for nuisance birds.

  • Many buildings are not suitable for either netting or spikes to deter birds. Such preventative measures may ruin the architecture of the building. In such cases the Avishock system has proven to be highly effective throughout the North West.


Bird Free Optical Gel (Fire-Gel)

  • Birds see in the UV spectrum and the gels, which are installed in small pots appear to them as small balls of fire which deters them from landing on the areas of concern.

  • The small dishes are low profile and can be the favoured option on premises such as shops, bars, offices, restaurants and car showrooms where there is a need to deter birds without spoiling shop frontage or a brand image.

Bird Guano Cleans & Disinfection

  • Bird guano is toxic so should be treated as hazardous waste. Also, the clean-up process often involves working at height or in confined spaces which present added health and safety challenges, clean downs are always followed by a Biocidal Treatment to remove all harmful bacteria present.

  • As a specialist extreme cleaning and waste management company Atlas Environmental Services Ltd has the expertise, resources, and experience to tackle bird dropping problems of any scale and size in any location.

  • Bird droppings, or pigeon guano, are not only unsightly but can cause damage to buildings and surfaces. Not only can they provide a slip hazard on surfaces such as stairs, but they can also contain many pathogens (harmful bacteria) that can result in serious respiratory diseases in humans.

  • Due to the high acid levels in bird faeces, permanent damage to structures and buildings is caused if it is not dealt with quickly. Surfaces, where fouling is present, can be corroded, particularly paint finishes or tar-based roofing. Ventilation systems can also become clogged and lead to costly repairs. 

  • Contaminants and odours from the waste are easily spread throughout buildings via ventilation systems, causing potential inhalation by those within.
    number of harmful diseases can be spread to humans from pigeon droppings including:

  • Cryptococcosis

  • Histoplasmosis

  • Psittacosis

  • Whether you have an ongoing or one-off problem with pigeon droppings and bird waste, it is essential that it is dealt with properly. Atlas Environmental Services Ltd provides a thorough pigeon dropping removal service, eradicating all traces of faeces from your building.

  • We have a full waste carrier’s license, which means we can legally remove the pigeon guano from your premises for disposal. Areas that we clean are sanitized with industry recognized products to lower the risk of bacterial and viral infection.

  • Our fully trained and experienced team of experts will remove and clean any area affected by bird waste, even the hardest to reach surfaces and structures.


Solar Panel Bird Proofing

  • In the last decade or so, there has been a large increase in the installation of solar panels. They are an excellent investment into your home, but they come with a problem.

  • As these panels sit just a few inches above a roof, a gap is created, which provides an appealing shelter for feral pigeons. This is because it is warm and offers protection from predators and humans.

  • Feral pigeons can pose a real problem for your solar panels, causing damage to your roof from their guano and nests which inevitably becomes a real health hazard.

  • Here at Atlas Environmental Services Ltd we have the correct proofing solutions to eradicate pest species birds from your solar panels using various installation methods suited to the environmental surroundings and the  solar panels which have been installed.

  • Removal of all nesting material, guano, debris and eggs will be carefully conducted from our expert team of trained bird control technicians followed by a full decontamination service with biocides and insecticides applied to ensure your property remains safe and free from any further pest related problems.

  • Our installations are a total, permanent exclusion from pest avian bird species entering underneath the solar panels and come with a 5 year warranty from the date of our installation process.

  • Scaffolding maybe required to ensure our installations are carried out safely following the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 legislation policies.

Free Survey
Atlas Environmental Services Ltd will survey your corporate site completely free of charge. We will then inform the sites management of our recommendations and solutions with a comprehensive detailed survey report outlining the most beneficial proofing measure offered to your site to riddance your bird problem in the most humane way possible.


For any enquires regarding Bird Control & Bird Proofing Solutions please get in touch. We are only one call away and happy to help as always to give our professional expert advice.

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