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Loft Insulation Services & Loft Clearances

Did you know that you lose 25% of heat you generate through your roof?

  • Are you a letting agent, landlord or housing association?

  • Are you aware of the new EPC regulations proposed for 2025?

Did you know?

The government has proposed that the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) should be increased for rental properties across England and Wales. The proposal is to increase the minimum Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating from an E up to a C by 2025. This is in line with the government’s plans to cut carbon waste and hit net-zero targets over the next couple of decades. 

These changes would not be instantaneous for all properties, but new tenancies would have to comply by 2025. Failure to comply with the new regulation could lead to fines of up to £30k per property that does not conform. 

Investors and landlords have already been paying more attention to EPC ratings, with a yearly increase of over 30% nationwide of properties purchased with a rating of C+. This trend shows that public awareness of home energy efficiency is increasing, so it is very important for landlords to get ahead of the game if they want to ensure they can continue renting out their properties. 

This is where Atlas Environmental Services Ltd can help you!


How can we increase your properties EPC rating?

To improve a property’s EPC rating you have to make it more energy efficient. This is, of course, more difficult and more expensive with older properties that used materials and building techniques that don’t provide as much insulation as newer builds.

Here is how we can improve your property’s EPC rating and ensure your property fully complies with the new goverment regulations: 

  • Improve / Install loft insulation within your properties roofing areas.

  • Loft insulation is relatively inexpensive and can make one of the biggest differences. We will ensure this installation by our specialist trained team of technicians is at least 270mm in depth to fully comply on your properties survey / audit. 

Whether you would like to benefit from loft insulation in your own home, or manage a portfolio of properties and want to increase their energy efficiency, we can help you!


A lot of heat that is generated in homes is lost through the walls and roof.  Adding a layer of insulation can save thousands when it comes to energy bills, more than returning the initial investment in the long run.  It can also reduce your carbon footprint.

Our professional, experienced team of loft insulation installers can assess your property, identify defective insulation if present, and install the right insulation.  You will notice the results immediately.

We will only charge you for the services that you require.  Our quotes are based on the size of the space that needs insulating, ensuring you receive value for money no matter how small or large the property is.

Following an inspection, we offer you clear, transparent prices, so you can rest assured that there will not be any hidden fees that may emerge after the work has been completed.

Contaminated Loft Clearances / Removal - Rodents & Birds

If in the most unfortunate event you have found a rodent or bird infestation evidently located in your properties loft space, then you've now found the right company in ourselves to provide you the correct solutions and preventative measures to ensure this gets resolved professionally and efficiently.

Rodent and bird activity in loft spaces can result in insulation becoming contaminated. As well as carrying a risk of disease, Rodents can chew insulation to use for nesting materials.

Contaminated insulation can cause serious health issues for yourself, as well as other family members or employees. Furthermore, damage to insulation will cause heat to escape from your home quicker. This will increase your heating bills and energy usage.
We can help your home or business with our loft insulation removal and reinsulating service.

Atlas Environmental Services Ltd offer a complete loft insulation removal and replacement service.

    We will:

  • Carry out a free site survey and quotation in East Lancashire prior to starting any relevant treatments

  • No additonal or hidden charges once the work is accepted

  • Book in the work at a time convenient

  • Arrive at the agreed time and date with our specialist trained  team of professional technicians

  • Lay down dust sheets and protectors around all working locations

  • Safely remove all existing insulation, droppings, and any unwanted items

  • Hoover the entire loft space

  • Apply a biocidal disinfectant throughout the entire loft. This will inevitibly kill any secondary pest residues as well as any other harmful bacteria that maybe present

  • Proof any small entry points we may find once the entire loft space is clear. This will prevent a pest issue from further reoccurring within the future

  • Re-install fresh, long-lasting, and durable loft insulation to 270mm thickness. This will ensure your property complies with goverment recommendations and also heat remains in your property, it will also drive down your energy bills.

  • Communicate to you throughout our work to ensure customer satisfaction

  • Clean and tidy up after ourselves to leave your property in the exact the way we found it

  • Remove all insulation and unwanted items from site

  • Safely dispose of all insulation as well as unwanted items



" Experts in Loft Clearances and Loft

Re-Insulating Services Throughout Lancashire"


For any enquires regarding our loft insulation and clearance services please get in touch. We are only one call away and happy to help as always to give our professional expert advice.

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