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Atlas Environmental Services Ltd - Experts within the Industry of Pest Management.

Mondays working at Atlas Environmental Services Ltd.....its always eventful.

We dealt with the worst Larder Beetle infestation we have ever witnessed within our 25+ years of experience in the pest control industry. We have never quite encountered an infestation as bad as this.

Yes of course the housekeeping was a major factor to play it's part but we even witnessed the insects breeding and maturing (larvae and adults) within personal belongings .

A heavy insecticidal spray treatment conducted today along with a ULV Fogging treatment and removal and disposal of furniture and items on behalf of our client. This treatment will be followed up with the same procedure.

Installation of x2 new netting systems using stainless steel and copper fixings to prevent ingress of pigeons to the balcony areas.

After our installation pigeons were qued up on the roof trying to enter the netted locations but failing at all of their attempts!

"East Lancashire's Solution for Pest Management, Control and Prevention"

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