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Bed Bug Control Manchester - Bed Bug Treatment Manchester - Bed Bug Specialists Manchester

Fantastic detection work carried out from our technician Jacob this afternoon.

Two days ago we surveyed a property in Stockport, Greater Manchester for Bed Bugs!

It became evident that an infestation was certainly well established. All items were removed from the property and adjourning rooms also inspected which were thankfully found clear!

We returned today to conduct a heavy treatment procedure using dust insecticides, residual insecticides, aerosol flushing techniques and a ULV Fogging Treatment.

Were never scared to using destruction and remove fixings to find the source of infestations!

This certainly paid of for Jacob today - Removal of fixed curtain bracket supports uncovered some fantastic harbourage points used by Bed Bugs, these areas would have certainly been missed and overlooked by other companies!

Atlas Environmental Services Ltd ®️

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