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Bed Bugs, Burnley Lancashire - Bed Bug Treatment Lancashire - Bed Bug Control Lancashire

This post may make you start scratching and itching! ⚠️

Another fantastic Bed Bug Treatment procedure conducted in Burnley, Lancashire this afternoon.

A thorough treatment was carried out which involved a full detailed inspection of the bedroom concerned along with all adjourning rooms.

An intense treatment process therfore followed with usage of residual insecticides, dust insecticides and ULV insecticidal fogging. Electrical sockets were all removed and treated along with every crack and crevice found evident, carpets lifted and treated and all surface areas and furniture that remained in the bedroom.

The best part of the job was then showing the customer the full extent of the infestation which was located within the beds headboard and also tracking down how these horrendous Pest Species were bought into the property!

As you can see within the images, every Bed Bug has had a recent blood feed, their bodies are normally translucent in colour without a feed!

Various stages are present of Nymph eggs and fecal matter!

Another fantastic treatment carried out

by Atlas Environmental Services Ltd ®️.

" The North West's Solution for Pest Management, Control and Prevention "

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