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Bird Control Greater Manchester, Rochdale - Guano Clearance Rochdale - Pigeon Proofing Manchester

Well we've absolutely smashed today's job work at a stunning Grade I listed church located in Rochdale, Greater Manchester.

We conducted a survey approximately 5 weeks ago for a major infestation of Pigeons who were gaining entry via the Bell Tower Louvre.

This infestation has been evident for around 10 - 15 years we believe and the Pigeons certainly made this their home to harbour and bring up their young.

We arrived on site this morning - 3 men ready to conduct a large scale Pigeon Guano removal.

6 hours later and the job has been completed from start to finish!

We started this Bird Control treatment by conducting a shoot and laser scarer procedure.

Many Pigeons were dispatched internally and externally including squabs.

Removal of all nests and eggs was carefully carried out followed by a huge clean up of Guano, debris and large nests.

In some locations the Guano was 20 inches deep!

The Louvre then was proofed up using stainless steel mesh and fixings which was authorised from the Architect on site also.

All locations were then sprayed with a residual insecticidal spray followed by Biocidal spray treatment to kill and remove all harmful bacteria.

This by far to date was the worst clean up procedure we have conducted in confined spaces.

Total job satisfaction from start to finish for Atlas Environmental Services Ltd.

" Experts within the Industry Bird Control and Bird Proofing Solutions "

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