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BRC Pest Control Lancashire - Experts Within The Industry of Audited Pest Management and SALSA Audit

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Atlas Environmental Services Ltd are experts within the industry of Pest Management especially when it comes to sites requiring Audited Pest Control.

Like you, we have been involved in the food industry for longer than we care to remember, as Pest Control service technicians.

We understand the demands of bodies like BRC and the large retailers and more importantly, we know what they expect from your pest control contractor.

Recent evidence from the British Retail Consortium has shown that there are far too many non-conformances relating to pest control issues. But if you asked our customers about us they will happily tell you that we don’t do non conformances. Our team of Field Biologists make sure that quality levels exceed your expectations so you don’t have to.

Of course, a major measure of our service quality is how we perform when you have a problem. Happily, we have a team of experienced Pest Control Officers (HACCP and food safety trained), specialising in all the usual suspects - Stored Product Insects, rodents and bird pests.

Our scientific support team provide rapid pest identifications enabling us to stamp out your pest problem quickly and, as you would expect, our documentation is all to BRC/Large retailer specifications.

I suppose you could say that our passion is keeping British food safe to eat. This means that we know all about the damage that insects, rodents and bird pests may do to the food products that you produce. We also understand how damaging product recalls are, not just financially, but in terms of damage to your reputation.

Imagine having a pest control service designed by food experts where you feel confident enough to just let them get on with it. Trend analysis, non toxic monitoring and electronic fly killing systems are all part of it. Well, that’s second nature to us-all with legal compliance included.

During our many years experience in dealing with pest problems in the food industry (And there have been many), we know that you want them gone - fast. You won’t be pester-ing us for weekend or out of hours visits- we know that it comes with the territory.

We know that whatever food business you are in (We deal with many bakeries, fish and meat processors, ingredients, fresh produce, packaging, pharmaceutical companies) we understand your business and are sure that we have a solution tailored just for you.

Multi-site facilities? No problem! We will supply a consistent service throughout the North West. And don’t worry if any aspect of our service isn’t quite right for you, we will change it to suit.

Food safety is what we do and we believe that experience is everything. Like you, we know that pest control companies that specialise in the food industry are few and far between. If you want to check out our credentials, we will be happy to supply extensive references within the food, packaging and pharmaceutical industry to assure you that we are up to the job.

Atlas Environmental Services Ltd

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