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BRC Pest Management Lancashire - BRC Pest Control Lancashire - Atlas Environmental Services Ltd

We are absolutely delighted to have secured another fantastic site for our Sophisticated Auited Pest Management System at a site located in Bacup, Lancashire!

We came highly recommended to this company from clients we go back with many years ago, our initial site survey was conducted approximately 2 weeks ago beating off a local competitor to secure this accredited site.

Team Atlas 🌍 attended the site this morning and carried out our initial setup of the site in both internal and external locations.

▪️All monitor control points have today been fixed and secured in situ, labelled and numbered in accordance with the site plan.

▪️All units will be dated upon inspection and recorded within our site file.

▪️The site remains a non toxic site and environment with coverage against Rats, Mice and Crawling Insects.

▪️External monitor control points have also been fixed and secured, labelled and dated upon our inspection process.

Here's the 3 Mousekateers who attended the site this morning!

Another fantastic client added to our wonderful array of accounts!

Atlas Environmental Services Ltd ®️

" The North West's Solution for Audited Pest Management, Prevention and Bird Control Solutions "

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