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Clothes Moths Control Burnley - Clothes Moths Treatment Blackburn - Clothes Moths Treatment.

This morning we conducted and started an intensive treatment against Clothes Moths in Blackburn, Lancashire which had clearly been evident for a considerable amount of time.

A total of 14 bedrooms, 8 lounges, hallways and landings were all heavily treated firstly with a residual insecticidal spray treatment procedure followed by ULV Fogging each room with an insectcidal treatment.

The job took our service technicians Jacob and Mark 4 hours to complete this first treatment!

Every location had to be thoroughly treated throughout each property with items of furniture moved to be treated underneath for maximum control measures.

Another fantastic job carried out today - The second treatment will now be conducted in 7 days time.

Clothes Moths do not feed on clothes. In fact, they don't feed at all. The sole purpose of an adult Clothes Moth is to find a mate and/or lay eggs. After mating, adult Clothes Moths lay anywhere from 30-60 eggs each. These eggs then hatch into the ‘clothes destroying larvae’ that you absolutely don't want in your closet or property!

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