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Cluster Fly Treatment Burnley - Flies in House Burnley - Cluster Fly Treatment East Lancashire

Today our technician Phil attended a church in Burnley, Lancashire.

We surveyed this site last week for flies in many locations. These were successfully identified as Cluster Flies which were causing much distress and spoiling many activities and ceremonies for this establishments visitors!

We attended today to conduct a full ULV Fogging Insecticidal treatment with the upper loft void.

This is certainly up there with the most severe infestation we have witnessed with the shear size and number of flies evident!

Atlas Environmental Services Ltd

Here are some facts regarding Cluster Flies.

What are the risks/diseases of cluster flies?

Cluster flies have no direct health effects on humans but the sheer amount of flies produce a noticeable amount of excrement, that’ll stain walls, floors and belongings, and produce a strong and unpleasant odour.

How long do cluster flies stay?

Throughout Autumn, you will find these in large congregations hibernating in attics, sheds and garages but as soon as spring comes around, they will make their way back outside.

How to identify Cluster Flies?

The obvious sign of a cluster fly infestation is to see a large quantity of lame or dead flies. It’s also very common to find them in your loft, in sunken spot lighting or under insulating felt layers. Cluster flies typically return year after year, unless eaves and other entry ways are adequately sealed.

How did cluster flies get into my home?

Cluster flies make their way into the home through doors and windows, around loose electrical outlets, under roof eaves, openings around cables, pipes and through vents.

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