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If you've ever wondered if Cockroaches live in England then the answer is...... Yes!

Two of the most common types in the UK are the German Cockroach and Oriental Cockroach.

In this video you can see a live Oriental Cockroach (Blatta Orientalis) that has been caught on one of our insect detector monitor control points in Longsight, Manchester.

We have of course took swift action this morning by carrying out a residual insecticidal spray treatment along with application of Cockroach gels to all harbourage points.

Here are some facts on the Oriental Species.

▪️Oriental Cockroaches are usually dark brown, reddish-brown, or shiny black in color with a glossy body.

▪️The Oriental Cockroach size may vary as adult oriental male cockroaches are 18–29 mm in size and adult female oriental cockroaches are 20–27 mm in size.

▪️The male and female roaches have a somewhat different appearance from each other which can be specified as females having a wider body than males.

▪️Males have wings longer than females which cover three-quarters of their abdomen. There are a lot of damp places where we can often found oriental roaches such as decaying organic matter, and in sewers, floor drains, damp basements, porches, and other damp locations.

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