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First Class Commercial Pest Management.....

If your site requires pest prevention and washroom solutions then look no further than ourselves to deliver what other company's can't.

We service some of the biggest names in the manufacturing industry throughout Lancashire.

Our routine inspections are carried out with complete thoroughness and confidence in every area of our clients sites.

We are not your typical company who just inspect bait monitors

(box kickers)... We look for any potential signs, and evidence feeding back to our clients with recommendations to protect the welfare of staff members and the site itself.

Our testimonials are avaible to read within our website from various clients around East Lancashire.

We absolutely thrive on delivering a first class service at all times with open channels of communication throughout the duration of each inspection.

If your current pest control service is lacking in these areas then get in contact - Our surveys on corporate sites are carried out free of charge with a full digital survey for you to view.

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