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Covid Fogging Burnley - Covid Fogging East Lancashire - Covid-19 Fogging Burnley, Lancashire.

If your business has had a Covid outbreak and your looking for options around protecting your staff and public you may want to consider having your premises professionally de-contaminated.

Atlas Environmental Services Ltd are a professional company that specialises in this unique service. Our state of the art ULV Fogging treatment will completly disinfect all locations of your site against Covid-19 and the new variants.

Our highly trained, skilled technicians have carried out hundreds of these type treatments within the past three years ensuring your safety is our priority - We will only use certified products proving to kill and eliminate Covid-19.

Prior to treatments we will conduct a site survey providing you with risk assessments, method statements, safety data material sheets and also a certification once the treatment has been completed.

If you require this service for your commercial or residential establishment then contact Atlas Environmental Services Ltd.

📞-01282 777549

📱-07784 022999


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