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Disinfection Service Lancashire - Disinfectant Service Lancashire ULV Fogging Disinfection Control

Last Friday we was contacted by concerning residents of a property in Blackpool, Lancashire.

Unfortunately one of the residents had contracted MRSA whilst in attendance within a local hospital.

Fellow family members had then also contracted MRSA via transmission of the infected resident and it appears this bacterial disease was rapidly spreading throughout the property.

The residents searched high and low to find a reputable company that could and would be willing to conduct a disinfection service at the property which has under gone nearly a full clear out of items.

We arrived at the property today with all precautions taken for the welfare of ourselves - Cat III Overalls, Full Face Respirators and Nitrile Gloves all worn and disposed of in accordance.

A full ULV Fogging Disinfection treatment was conducted in all locations top to bottom within the entire property! Every item and surface area was heavily treated with a powerful disinfectant - PX ULV Disinfectant.

Safety Data Sheets, Risk Assessments, Method Statements and Certifications were all provided on completion of this treatment procedure!

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