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Fly Problem in Burnley, Lancashire - Issues with Flies Burnley, Lancashire - Pest Control Experts!

Call out attended to at a Commercial Site located in Burnley, Lancashire yesterday with regards to Flies evident and the client presuming they had a dead Rodent somewhere within the premises causing Flies to be seen on a daily basis in large numbers!

Our eagle eyed technician Phil attended the site an reassured the client that they certainly did not have a Rodent infestation, however the site has unfortunately got a problem with Cluster Flies present!

Cluster Flies seek refuge in cold weather and find their way into attic spaces, cavity voids and similar areas indoors like within our images (False Ceilings). They often emerge on warm days, and cluster at windows attempting to exit (hence the name).

We must reiterate Cluster Flies are not a harmful pest species and pose no risk to the public health but they are a severe nuisance pest!

A full ULV Insecticidal Fogging Treatment is now to commence at this site on an out of hours service to minimalise any disruption the the sites operating schedules with ongoing treatments recommend on a six monthly basis!

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