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Lancashire Bird Control - Pigeon Proofing Lancashire - Yorkshire Bird Control - Pigeon Problem Lancs

Bird Control and a Bird Proofing Solution was today carried out at our clients manufacturing site canopy in Barnoldswick, Lancashire.

The previous netting installation had failed miserably due to the incorrect fitting methods being installed... Galvanised Wiring and Galvanised Angle Brackets! ⚠️

We will only use Stainless Steel and Aluminium on our Bird Proofing installations due to prolonged corrosion damage and weathering defects - Our Proofing Solutions are built and constructed to last! ✔️

Hence why we always provide a 1️⃣0️⃣ Year Guarantee! 🏆

▪️We arrived at site this morning promptly and started by removing the failed net and fixings.

▪️All Pigeon nests were safely removed and Pigeons dispatched accordingly.

▪️A full Biocidal Spray Treatment was then conducted to remove all harmful bacteria and diseases left from these nuisance Bird Species.

▪️We then installed our fixing and anchoring points, wiring systems and barrel strainers.

▪️Installation then took place of two nets perfectly constructed to protect the site from further re-occurance of nesting Pigeons.

▪️Installation of a 2 metre zip was lastly performed for service and maintenance of the sprinkler system.

▪️This was another perfect example of our exemplary work we undertake on a daily basis!

🌐 For more indepth information regarding Bird Control and our Bird Proofing Solutions please visit our dedicated website page.

" The North West's Solution for Bird Control and Bird Proofing Solutions "

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