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Loft Clearance Lancashire - Rodent Infestation Loft Clearance Lancashire - Loft ReInsulation Service

A huge well done to our service technicians Jacob and Mark on completion of today's job work at a customers property located in Fleetwood, Borough of Wyre, Lancashire.

Not only did they complete this very tough job of a full loft clearance and re-insulation service within 6 hours, their working conditions in a very confined space was in 30°c temperatures! 🌞

This customer contacted ourselves around 3 weeks ago after searching for companies to conduct this work for themselves to no avail until he found Atlas Environmental Services Ltd ®️. 🌍

This customer also requires their loft to be professionally boarded out which was also refused due to the condition. ⚠️

Mice droppings were found evident along with previous pest control monitor points. 🐁

🔹Today we cleared the entire loft top to bottom of all debris and contaminated insulation.

🔹The loft then underwent a full hoover to remove all signs and evidence of rodents.

🔹A full Biocidal Spray Treatment was then conducted to remove all harmful bacteria present and to make the area safe for future contractors and the residents for storage.

🔹Insulation was then cut to perfect size and rolled out within the joists as a preference to be board out correctly.

🔹The last job was then carried out which was a full ULV Fogging Disinfection treatment.

Another delighted customer from ourselves today and a very good job well done!!!

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