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Loft Clearance Rawtenstall - Loft Clearance East Lancashire - Loft Clearance Burnley

Challenging Monday for Atlas Environmental Services Ltd.

We fitted this loft clearance in today for the new home owner from conducting our initial survey last week in Rawtenstall, Lancashire. ✔️

This was a huge task and very tough job to carry out today. 💥

The loft had thousands of rat droppings present also with contaminated insulation and stored waste debris. ⚠️

All items removed from the entire loft including old water tanks. ✔️

Insulation (x3 layers) all treated with a biocide spray treatment and disposed of. ✔️

Rat droppings and nesting material all removed throughout the loft. ✔️

The loft then was hoovered - entirely removing all droppings and any waste present. ✔️

Disinfection carried out using a ULV fogging treatment. ✔️

Re-insulated the entire loft with top quality materials. ✔️

The home owner is absolutely delighted with the works we have today undertaken for herself within very short notice. 🏘️

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