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We've recently conducted a rodent riddance programme at a residential property in Padiham, Lancashire.

Our technician attended this property within an hour of recieving the initial phone call. We got straight to work and conducted a full survey, we identified the ingress points used from rats along with all areas of concern and harbourage points.

▪️The food source which was located within a kitchen cupboard - Rats had an absolute field day here. Many sweet food stock was eaten evidently followed by a full loaf of bread!

▪️Trapping techniques were installed with no usage of rodenticides.

▪️The ingress point was then proofed up using a steel mesh perforated 3mm plate, and also colour coded to the customers preference.

▪️All defects around the rear yard were also sealed with a cement compound.

▪️x4 Rats were caught within 12 hours!

▪️Second visit was conducted the day after our initial treatment procedure. Rodents were removed and traps reset accordingly.

▪️One week later we returned - One more rat caught.

▪️Another successful three part riddance treatment carried out leaving another happy customer!

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