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Pest Control Barnoldswick - Pest Management Barnoldswick - BRC Pest Management Barnoldswick

Having the correct Fly Killing Devices within our clients sites are a major factor of our Pest Management Systems.

In accordance with having these devices installed they also require the correct servicing schedules too!

Today along with conducting our routine services of Pest Control and Washroom Solutions at our clients manufacturing site in Barnoldswick, we also carried out our annual tube change on all these devices.

x16 EFK units were today deep cleaned.... As always on our quarterly servicing!

And all tubes were replaced with shatterproof tubes which is also a requirement.

Electronic Fly Killing Device Tubes should always be replaced within a 12 month period due to the UV light considerably deteriorating over a length of time - So although they look full of Ultra Violet and functioning to the human eye, Flies eyes are very sensitive to the light at wavelength and will become less attracted to these units if not replaced accordingly to the correct time frames.

These units are now well prepared in advance for the forthcoming Flying Insect period!

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