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Whilst out infield our highly trained, qualified technicians have the skills and capabilities to continuously provide an exemplary service to our clients and customers - This is the service our customers have now come to expect of the many years out servicing. ✔️

This high level of service standards is the normality here at Atlas Environmental Services Ltd.

Our call out ratio is next to none due to our technicians spending sufficient amount of time in providing the correct Pest Management preventative solutions, inspections and treatment procedures.❗

Here is a list of some of the indications we will identify of rodent infestations:

▪️Smear Marks ⚠️

▪️Droppings ⚠️

▪️Footprints ⚠️

▪️Tail Swipes ⚠️

▪️Urine Pillars ⚠️

▪️Access Holes ⚠️

▪️Nesting Material ⚠️

Our service technicians will then highlight our findings to our customers followed by the correct recommendations - Proofing is a must within this industry and doing that correctly comes with many years of knowledge and skills. ✔️

Out in Blackburn, Lancashire this morning doing what we do best! 🌍🏢

" Lancashire's Commercial Pest Management, Control and Prevention Specialists " 📍

📞 - 01282 777549

📱 - 07784 022999

🖥️ -

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