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100% Customer Satisfaction......

Called to a domestic property this morning in Burnley.

Atlas Environmental Services Ltd came highly recommended off a lovely member of the council team again.

*Arrived at the property and listened to the home owners with regards to the kitchen / dining room having bad pungent smells. They contacted another company last week who didn't show up.

*A thorough survey of the property was today carried out - Rodent ingress point was found externally leading into the cavity, knawed wire cable was also visible.

*Laminate flooring was then lifted along with large floor board panels to inspect the exact areas of the property.

*Many droppings found in all areas underneath the extension. We then decided to lift further boards near to the ingress point which uncovered a de composing rat.

*We then installed various trapping techniques to monitor on our follow up visit which will be conducted in 7-10 days time.

Once again here we have absolute thorough work carried out by ourselves where no other companies would go this far - time, effort, perseverance and high quality work totally guaranteed for 100% customer satisfaction.

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