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Pest Control Heywood Distribution Park - Pest Control Pilsworth - Pest Control East Lancashire

Mondays are always very productive and enjoyable for ourselves here at Atlas Environmental Services Ltd.

We've had a very busy day attending 8 sites across the Rossendale Valley and Greater Manchester for their routine service inspections and EFK quarterly services.

One site in particular today was eventful!

We certainly went well above and beyond in all aspects of our customer service here!

The site had a defective drain which was resolved from a drainage company..... Unfortunately the drainage company did not clear up the raw sewage and debris that was left behind.

Our client was going to ring a professional cleaning company to carry out the relevant works which of course would have been costly.

Luckily this is where Atlas stepped in! Although we're not a cleaning company we certainly facilitated this treatment for our client who was absolutely over the moon... We always remain well prepared in our vehicles to tackle most treatment procedures!

All raw sewage and waste was removed safely from site and disposed of accordingly with the Waste Regulatations then all areas of concern were safely disinfected using our ULV Fogging device.

Full PPE was worn - Cat II disposable overalls, nitrile gloves, over shoes and full face respirators.

Atlas Environmental Services Ltd

" Your Problem, Our Solution "

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