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Pest Control in Burnley Town Centre - Burnley Pest Control Service - Pest Control Burnley

Another fantastic day has absolutely flown by today out there for ourselves - Our new technician Mark is flying!

We started the day off at a domestic property in Burnley, Lancashire. Another 4 rats were trapped and removed externally on an intense riddance programme. ☑️

Multiple accounts across East Lancashire serviced for their routine Pest Management inspections. ☑️

The pick of the day goes to a new account set up for their initial treatment procedure located in Burnley Town centre.

We arrived on site early doors and spent 3 hours on site!

▪️Every defect was thoroughly proofed up using galvanised mesh and a cement compound.

▪️x2 metal tamperproof external bait stations were installed which have been firmly fixed to the floor ground.

▪️Every location and level of the site is now covered against rats, mice and crawling insects - Service visits to be conducted internally and externally at 6 weekly intervals.

▪️EFK Units today serviced with all glueboards replaced!

▪️External bin was missing its drainage bung offering a food source for rodents - this of course was also replaced.

One delighted new client and two very happy technicians who were treated like royalty with the finest coffees in Burnley! 🎊

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