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Pest Control Lytham, St Anne's - Pest Management Lytham, St Anne's - Atlas Environmental Services Lt

An absolute immense Good Friday for ourselves at Atlas Environmental Services Ltd today!

There's certainly no rest for us in this industry - As we know too well.... Pests don't do Bank Holidays!

▪️We have today set up our Pest Management System at x2 sites which were both care homes in two very different locations of the North West.

▪️The first care home we attended to today was located in Wallasey, Merseyside and the second was in Lytham, St Anne's!

▪️Major proofing work was conducted from our technicians Phil and Jacob to prevent rodent ingress. All defects were sealed up using 3mm perforated sheet mesh and a cement compound.

▪️A total of x26 metal tamperproof bait stations were securely fitted and installed around both sites to combat foraging rodents.

▪️x2 EFK units were installed in out clients kitchens for protection against flying insects.

▪️We then finished up at Phils favourite ice cream parlour! Notrianni's for a well deserved treat or two 😉!

All in a days work!

" The North West's Solution for Pest Management, Control and Prevention "

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