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Pest Control Rawtenstall - Rawtenstall Pest Control - Rossendale Pest Control Specialists.

A new commercial site was today set up in the heart of Rawtenstall, Rossendale Valley for our Pest Management service.

Initial survey was carried out from Phil on Monday this week - Areas of concern were highlighted to the client and recommendations advised and made.

Unfortunately the landlord had his team of builders in prior to ourselves attending site to proof the external entry points - Their proofing work lasted one night! Rats gnawed their way through a very weak cement that was used.

Atlas Environmental Services Ltd attended site today and installed our control methods - This site was perfect to use our black cat trapping devices and break back traps - Strictly no rodenticides used within this premises internally.

We then spent around 3 hours proofing this site up to absolute perfection - Every entry point needed packing out with galvanised mesh followed by a thorough cementing procedure along with installing our external monitor control points (We are delighted with our new bait box station stickers!).

We now have one very happy new client who wants ourselves to look after their other sites on East Lancashire! 🌍

"Lancashire's Solution for Pest Management, Control and Prevention"

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