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Pest Management Services in Burnley and Lancashire. Pest Control BRC Burnley - Audited Pest Control

Here at Atlas Environmental Services Ltd ®️ we take the industry's regulations and best codes of practice very seriously.

Our service technicians have been working really hard in implementing huge changes across of of our clients sites within the recent weeks.

New internal monitor control points are being installed throughout all areas - These new monitors state clearly which rodenticides, and non toxic monitors are being applied.

We have now also introduced new monitor labels externally which specfies that our monitor control points are non toxic and if a rodent infestation is present which rodenticide is also being applied which also has the BPR number in case of emergencys

Our new EFK labels are now also being introduced within our clients Audited Sites which specfies x2 years of quarterly services and correct monitor labelling for clients site plans.

We will continue to keep pushing our company forward and leading by example!

" The North West's Solution for Pest Management, Control and Prevention "

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