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Although Facebook shut the world down yesterday it certainly did not shut Atlas Environmental Services Ltd down!

We had a very productive day out servicing our clients sites and taking care of aggressive wasp nests present a home owners properties.

Today we attended an emergency call out for beetles present at one of our clients sites in Wythenshawe, Manchester.

We originally conducted a treatment at this site against Carpet Beetles evident within the loft space along with Larder Beetles.

We attended today and found our previous treatment was a total success, however 4 months down the line Biscuit Beetles were now present within the kitchen.

Another treatment procedure conducted today using residual insecticides and a ULV Fogging Treatment.

As you can see in the picture these are certainly a wide range of beetles...the Woolly Bear (catapillar looking) is the larvae from Carpet Beetles that can cause serious damage to items of fabrics.

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