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Pigeon Guano Clearance Lancashire - Pigeon Cleaning Lancashire - Experts in Bird Control Solutions

Check out this severe Pigeon infestation we have surveyed over in Blackburn, Lancashire!

We predict that this infestation has been ongoing and evident for at least approximately 15 years!

We literally had to force the door open which was jammed with inches of Pigeon Guano and dead Pigeons it was that bad!

This is a huge building that has 3 floors which are all covered from top to bottom with Guano and contaminated debris!

Inside the site was around 150 live Pigeons along with squabs, nests and eggs.

A huge treatment procedure and clean up operation has now been forwarded to the client with an average of 5 days to conduct this work enabling it to be made safe for future contractors.

Atlas Environmental Services Ltd ®️

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