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Pigeon Issues Manchester - Pigeon Proofing Manchester - Bird Control Manchester - Pigeon Control

Pigeons can cause a significant nuisance and damage to commercial premises!

Today our technician Phil attended a site survey over in Salford, Greater Manchester with regards to Pigeon ingress and damage to stock via contamination of guano!

Unfortunately the site have had a previous company attend to conduct bird proofing and installation of Bird Decoys!

Once again we can clearly see installation of false Owls will not deter Pigeons from properties!

We can also see that wrong installation of Bird Spikes and Brush Strip has also failed miserably!

A full survey was conducted followed by an indepth quotation and recommendations on installation of a thorough Bird Proffing Solution and culling of Pigeons.

For more information regarding Bird Control and our Bird Proofing Solutions see our dedicated website page at

" Experts in Eliminating Pest Species Birds and Bird Proofing Solutions "

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