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Protection from Flies and Flying Insects - Auditing Criterias for Insect Control and Flies.

What process is required?

Following an on-site survey to establish what level and type of protection is required against flying insects in your workplace, harvey environmental will design a bespoke solution to protect your premises, staff, products and reputation. Getting to the very heart of the issue enables us to advise on the correct defence systems right from the outset.

As with all pest control measures, the most effective way is to follow an age-old formula:

Exclude. Restrict. Destruct.


If you can physically keep them out then this is the most sensible thing to do. With flying insects, this can achieved by simply closing windows and doors, or if they can’t be kept closed, by fitting long lasting and high quality bespoke fly screens or plastic strip curtains.


If you can’t keep them out, then you should take proper measures to restrict their progress within the workplace. In a food production environment, you’ll want to keep flying insects away from where the food is open or being packed.This is where strategically placed ultra violet fly control units come in. If these are sited correctly they can have a major impact on the number of flying insects entering the more sensitive areas of a business.


We always make sure this is last ingredient in the formula, but it is sometimes required. With flying insect issues this will normally involve the use of insecticides and the area where the problem lies will need to be cleared prior to, and during treatment.The destruction part of the formula is normally required when exclusion and restriction have failed, or there is a localised environmental issue.

Our expert technicians and managers are at the forefront of the industry; keeping up-to-date with the latest legislation and know-how through our regular training and professional development schemes.

This means that your business is always protected to the highest levels and that you are given the excellent customer service and advice you deserve, time and time again.Solutions are fully recorded and can be used to demonstrate compliance to authorities such as environmental health officers and industry / customer auditors.

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