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Rodent Control Burnley, Rodent Control Nelson, Pest Control Burnley, Pest Control Nelson.

Rats can cause significant damage to properties if left untreated and ignored! ⚠️

Here we have some images of the latest Domestic Properties we have visited within Burnley and Nelson, Lancashire. 🏡

As you can view via the first photographs, Rats have continously gnawed their way through a PVC window frame and also cement that hasn't been proofed correctly!

The second images show the damage that Rats have then caused once in the property itself!

They have travelled via the cavity voids gnawing all insulation away followed by gnawed electric cable, they have then dragged a shopping bag and shredded the material to use as a nesting harbourage point!

If you suspect you have issues with rodents at your residential or commercial property then feel free to contact Atlas Environmental Services Ltd ®️.

Our technicians have the skills, knowledge and capabilities to eliminate all rodent infestations and prevent future reoccurrence of rodent ingress.

📞 - 01282 777549

📱 - 07784 022999

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