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Salford Bird Proofing - Bird Control Salford - Pigeon Proofing Salford, Manchester - Bird Control

Out of hours Bird Control and Bird Proofing Solutions was today conducted from our two technicians Phil and Jacob over in Salford, Manchester today.

A full 12 hour shift was thoroughly carried out from arriving on site at 07:45 this morning. Our initial survey of the site was performed approximately 3 weeks ago with our proofing strategy carefully planned! ☑️

Numerous other Pest Management companies had attended this site and attempted to proof these areas of concern to no avail..... Their methods had failed leaving the site to continue to be infested by Pigeons who were damaging stock, products, equipment, the site and the welfare of the staff and visitors! ⚠️

When we arrived today we carried out all of the following:

🕊️ A full Pigeon cull and dispatch operation was implemented throughout the day - This had to be a careful treatment procedure due to the sites surrounding of being a glass production factory!

🕊️ The safe use of 0.22 Rifles, Pistols and Laser Scarer Devices conducted.

🕊️ Removal of all failed Bird Spikes and current proofing system.

🕊️ A full Guano clean down in all areas of concern.

🕊️ Full Biocidal Spray Treatment to ensure no harmful bacteria was left evident.

🕊️ Proofing all internal Apex's to ensure Pigeons cannot find any ingress points into the factory from the external roof.

🕊️ Installation of Bird Spikes on ledges and high risk locations.

🕊️ Installation of x3 Bird Netting Systems to prevent ingress of Pigeons via the front roller shutter doors with stainless steel fixings and wiring systems.

This was a very time consuming treatment but we flourished and love a challenge! 🌍

The Client was absolutely delighted with the outcome of today's work carried out from Atlas Environmental Services Ltd ®️ - So much he is now recommending ourselves to all his other branches nationwide!

" The North West's Solution for Pest Management, Bird Control and Bird Proofing Solutions "

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