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SALSA Pest Management Fleetwood, Borough of Wyre - Audited Pest Control Lancashire - BRC Audit

A fantastic effort from our team at Atlas Environmental Services Ltd ®️ today!

Initial setup was conducted at our new clients site over in Fleetwood, Borough of Wyre for their Audited Pest Management System.

A lot of hard work and preparation has gone into this site from our initial site survey which was carried out last week.

▪️ A full site proofing treatment procedure was today installed which consisted of every door proofed up with brush strip installations for prevention methods.

▪️ Two concertina doors had to have x32 individual sections cut and self tapped to prevent ingress from foraging rodents.

▪️ x5 Fire doors also had brush strips self tapped to prevent ingress of rodents.

▪️ Every proofing defect within the sites brickwork and pipework were sealed up using a cement compound.

▪️ x10 external metal tamperproof bait stations installed to protect the site against foraging rodents, each unit has been fixed and secured in place and labelled accordingly.

▪️ x30 internal monitors installed across the entire site on every level, these monitors too have been fixed and secured in placed and labelled accordingly.

▪️ x2 EFK units installed on site to protect the products and environmental surroundings from Flying Insect ingress.

One new delighted client onboard with ourselves!

Here at Atlas we always ensure the job is firstly completed correctly, then inspected professionally to the highest standards within the Pest Management industry.

" The North West's Solution for Pest Management, Control and Prevention "

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