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Seagull Control in Fleetwood, Borough of Wyre - Expert Bird Control Solutions for Fleetwood

We've had one fantastic day out there today!

Atlas Environmental Services Ltd ®️

☁️ We even managed to beat the awful recent weather and carry out a large scale Bird Control and Bird Proofing treatment over in Fleetwood, Borough of Wyre on behalf of our client!

📄 This survey was carried out around 3 months ago - A new build site located on the docks of Fleetwood was faced with severe ingress of Seagulls that was evidently causing a real nuisance and health risk to this site.

🕊️ Again we returned to this site this morning to install approximately 200 metres of Bird Spikes to prevent Seagulls siting on the edges of this premises and causing a Guano build up within the middle passage service site access.

❄️ The roof was sheet ice early this morning but thankfully thawed out rapidly so we could conduct this install in a safe and controlled manner!

☑️ A degreasing agent was applied to all surface areas firstly - These are always our first protocols when installing Bird Spikes correctly!

☑️ Top grade silicone (A total of 35 tubes) were used to complete the correct bond of this bird detterant system!

☑️ Another professional Bird Proofing construction carried out from ourselves with another delighted new client onboard with many more projects to follow - For more information regarding Bird Control please visit our website page at

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