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The Queen Wasp population that has been hibernating in your lofts over the winter period are now starting to awaken and construct their nests now that the sun has come out and temperatures are rising.

They will shortly be looking for appropriate places in your loft and around properties to start building and developing newly formed nests for the summer.

Today we attended a property in Earby, Lancashire - The homeowner spotted a nest that was the size of a golf ball approximately and the Queen was evident when he switched the light on - Wasps are attracted to UV.

We attended the property this morning and removed the nest followed by application of a residual insecticidal treatment.

This only means that wasp nest season is just around the corner. They usually begin late May early June and can last until around October time.

We would therefore advise to inspect your lofts before nests are fully developed which can contain between 3000-6000 working Wasps in peak summer time.

We are East Lancashire's Leading Wasp Nest Contol Service!

Please feel free to visit our dedicated Wasp Nest Treatment and Removal webpage.

" Don't get Stung from other companies this summer!!! " 🐝

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