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Atlas Environmental Services Ltd - Commercial Pest Control Specialists......

Today is the mark of our 2nd Birthday in full operation in business.

We have certainly come a long long way, especially within the last year due to covid-19 and the difficulties we all faced.

We stayed strong and continued to push ourselves and the company forward. Those of you who know us personally know how much Atlas Environmental Services Ltd means to ourselves - We pride our company principles on honesty, trust, reliability and professionalism every single day.

This time last year we were managing 72 sites across East Lancashire, one year on we are now managing 114 sites across the North West - an increase of 42 sites in a difficult year!

Once again we thank all of our clients, customers and all of our followers for your continued support in helping us to achieve our dream and thank you for all for sharing and liking our posts and pages and continuous recommendations - It's hugely appreciated.

Kind regards

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