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Bird Control, Pigeon Proofing in Lancashire....

Looking for a company to tackle your bird issue?

Then look no further than Atlas Environmental Services Ltd. Our trained technicians certainly have an eye for detail when carrying out a thorough survey against birds causing many businesses nuisance problems.

Feral pigeons are unlike many other bird species and do not migrate seasonally, they are able to breed throughout the winter period and are very talented in building nests in well protected areas.

This often causes a huge concern for company's from the damage caused to premises, spreading diseases,

harmful bacteria and the guano they leave behind too.

We are fully IPAF licensed and trained and in all aspects of bird control from installation of bird spikes, bird netting, bird wiring, avi shock systems and bird gels.

For all enquiries regarding bird proofing and pest management contact ourselves, we are only one call away and happy to help as always - our detailed surveys for corporate enquiries are carried out free of charge.

📞 - 07784022999 🖥️ - 🌐 -

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