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Fly Control Burnley - Accrington Fly Problem - Colne Fly Control - Pest Control Burnley, East Lancs

Its all about the Black Fly Day feeling.....

Installation of a new industrial Electronic Fly Killing device at one of our clients sites where their previous unit had failed. ✅

Additional unit of theirs also had blown tubes and failed starter motors. We soon got this unit fully functioning and back sparkling with new shatterproof tubes installed. ✅

Then onto our favourite unit - Amazing results on our clients discreet fly killing device where the glue board had hundreds of flies ranging from midgeys, gnats, moths, lesser house fly, blue bottles - Full service carried out with the required glue board installed. ✅

Interested in a new EFK unit for your commercial establishment?

If so contact Atlas Environmental Services Ltd - We will conduct a free survey to determine and recommend the most beneficial units suited for your business taking into account the environmental surroundings and elements.

📞 - 01282 777549

📱 - 07784 022999

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