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Lancashire Bird Control Proofing - East Lancashire Bird Control Proofing - Lancashire Pigeon Control

As well as offering a professional Pest Management service, Atlas Environmental Services Ltd are also experts in Bird Control and Bird Proofing Solutions.

We took over a food distribution account from a nationwide service provider approximately 2 years ago. Their canopy was suffering from nesting pigeons which was affectively damaging products along with the structure of the frame work.

We constructed and installed a netting system to their entire canopy which is virtually discreet and invisible. This has proven to be highly effective for our client providing them with a total eradication of birds and bird proofing solution.

This site is now expanding their canopy due to business growth, the same bird control proofing procedure will once again be installed to completly protect this site from avian pests.

For all enquiries regarding Bird Control please see our dedicated web page

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