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Pest Control Accrington - Commercial Pest Management Specialists Accrington, Lancashire

Our aim of our Pest Management service is to eradicate different species of pests efficiently and effectively in short time scales and to prevent future re-occurance of infestations.

🔹 Today we visited one of our clients sites in Accrington, Lancashire. Rats had been seen in the communal garden out foraging within the day time in litters upto 8 at a time - Bird food was certainly the cause and the great environmental surroundings this site has to offer of food, water and shelter.

Installation of an additional 4 bait stations heavily baited with approximately 2000 grams of rodenticide - this of course will be reverted back to traps once the infestation is under control. ☑️

🔹 Another site we visited today was in Heywood, Greater Manchester. Our inspection found this site completely free of rodents and insects but the major infestation of Pigeons has been totally eradicated from their loading bay canopy.

We netted the entire canopy approximately 7 weeks ago along with installation of bird spikes. This treatment speaks for itself.... Not a pigeon in sight with every loading bay free from guano and contamination. ☑️

Atlas Environmental Services Ltd -"East Lancashire's Solution for Pest Management, Control and Prevention"

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